Goal Planning

Goal Planning

Hi friends!  2017 is slowly winding down amidst a tumult of frenzied holiday activities.  How did your 2017 go?  Mine was so full!  Its ending is especially poignant as I am wrapping up my Bachelor’s Degree at the same time.  It all feels very final.  End of the year, end of my undergraduate schooling, its a lot to process.

My Bachelor’s degree will be in Nutrition but I’m also finishing a Didactic Program in Dietetics.  That means I will be eligible to apply for a dietetic internship.  And THAT means that I might be able to be a registered dietitian nutritionist some day.  With the completion of my DPD program life is going to get extremely busy as I scramble to make my application the absolute best that it can be.

I’m excited about the next few months but also a bit scared because there is so much to be done in such a short time.  Applications are due February 15th.  To combat my sheer terror trepidation, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection on my goals and the steps necessary to reach them.  To help with this I invested in PowerSheets from a company called Cultivate What Matters.  They’re a fantastic small business full of encouraging, hard-working women.  Their social media game is on point and as a result have the best customer service I’ve experienced.

December 04, today, is when they are kicking off their PowerSheets prep week.  They do it in December when we all have a few brief moments to breathe and uncover our goals before the chaos between Christmas and New Years.  I wanted to give you a look at how mine are coming along, in-between frantically studying for my last 3 finals this week.  Monday is dedicated to the first 11 pages, which sounds like a lot but isn’t as bad as it sounds.

IMG_20171204_084944437.jpg  My photography skills need work.  LET’S DO THIS!



There’s my first few pages.  Since I talked so much about the dietetic internship I’m going to pause there.

So tell me.  Do you love to plan out goals as much as I do?  Do you have any big ones for 2018?  Did you have some in 2017 that you crushed?  Happy Mon-YAY friends.  Make it a great one!



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