Goal Planning, God Lessons

It was His LOVE that held Him there.

Happy Holy week everyone!  I hope this past week has been an amazing journey of self-reflection and blessing.  I know it has been for me.  At least it has once I actually let myself stand in God’s presence, something I’ve been slightly avoidant of lately.

Last night at my beloved Axiom Church we held our Good Friday service and I was scheduled to run media, which meant I couldn’t avoid, but had to be there.  Per usual the service was excellent and moving.  It was a time filled with prayer.

When I returned home I sought God in my tea ritual.  Busted out my prized Banten Honey Oolong from Tealet and laid my heart bare to Jesus.  He told me something so profound that I just had to share it.  Like the verse in Matthew: “What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops.”

We sang a popular worship song that has this verse:

Behold the Man upon a cross / my sin upon His shoulders / ashamed I hear my mocking voice / call out among the scoffers / it was my sin that held Him there / until it was accomplished / His dying breath has brought me life / I know that it is finished.

I’m a perfectionist at heart, an approval seeker to the point of idolatry.  Because of this skew to my worldview I take on a lot of guilt and shame, especially where Jesus is concerned.  It makes me get Him backward sometimes, and last night God showed me that in a big way with this song.

His death has always been a source of guilt and shame for me.  He died because I wasn’t better, or good enough.  His death taught me I needed to try harder, to do better, atone for my sin that held him there.  But last night Jesus laughed and called me silly.  He was so amused that I thought that there was anything I could do, that I had any power at all, to keep the incarnate Son of the Living God on a cross. Silly mortal.

There is absolutely NOTHING within my power that I could do to keep Jesus on that cross.  It was NOT my sin that held Him there.  His LOVE for me made Him choose to stay up there.  *MIND BLOWN* What a different spin this puts on the crucifixion for me!! He didn’t die because I wasn’t good enough.  He died because at my very worst, He says I am still inherently valuable, loved, worth it. And that on Good Friday of all days that I should fully comprehend that I am beloved.

Now that is a Jesus Truth that I want to build my house on!


Have a blessed Easter friends! You are beloved.


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